Twitchcon Las Vegas Tickets, New Global Emote, AOC Streams Again, and NPC Live Trend

It's a Monday. It's warm and humid in my office. Twitter is now X, which is concerning for anyone planning to look at X videos. Don't Google that at work if you don't get it. Let's get right into the news!

Twitch News

  • Dan Clancy clarified that Section 6.3 of the new Monetized Streamer Agreement is NOT intended to stop streamers from being critical or interfere with their right to speak about Twitch. He's committed to looking further at it, as that's not the intent of that section.
  • Twitchcon Las Vegas tickets are now on sale for $149 for single-day tickets and $229 for three days. The Party add-on is $100, and while that is expensive, after some research may be a decent deal.
  • The Twitchcon Las Vegas badge features the iconic Welcome to Vegas Sign. (Twitch staff played a mini-prank by uploading a temporary Rick Roll. )
  • A new global emote, and the first animated one at that, DinoDance, is now available.
  • In celebration of r/Place returning, Twitch Rivals launched a Cake badge for watching 5 minutes of Rivals-associated channels.
  • Last week, I noted that Content Classification Label warnings may result in losing instant emote uploads. Fortunately, a Twitch spokesperson informed me that this is a bug they are working to fix. In the meantime, you may temporarily lose instant emote approval.
  • Twitch Germany and France are hosting Hype Challenges for Partners. You need to sign up before August 2. Hype Challenges run from August 4 to 13, 2023.
  • The Director of French Partnerships has left the company.
  • DreamCon is being sponsored by Twitch (July 28-30).
  • Twitch brought the Unity Guild Leaders to Twitch HQ.
  • Twitch Soundtrack officially shut down on July 17th.
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