Content Classification Enforcement, Fanhouse Merger, and Yassuo Signs with Kick

I did an interview recently with Avi Gandhi's Creator Logic. Avi was previously the Head of Creator Partnerships at Patreon and, so naturally, has had a lot of interactions with creators from various fields. But immediately, something about the way he was asking questions stood out to me - particularly as it related to success and growth. By that, I mean for most non-live creators, the key metric of success is the view count increasing. With streaming, the measure of success is often seeing a name you recognize in chat. It's more than the number - it's about people. That difference is likely what makes it hard for brands, marketers, and PR to understand the value of 10 viewers compared to 10'000 views. It made me feel excited about the future of live streaming (but also recognizing we have a long way to go!)

Speaking of feelings, How are you feeling? <- That is a short two-question survey asking how you feel about the streaming space and how you feel compared to a year ago. It's completely anonymous, and I'll share the results in next week's newsletter. It could be a fun thing to do each week! But with that, let's get into the news!

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