Streamer Betrays Twitch in Light of Twitchcon Health Mandate - Plus Creator Opportunities!

Twitchcon changes position and implements a mask mandate, a contracted streamer is now competing with Twitch, and we've got some creator opportunities!

Another week, another recap! Literally writing this intro part the morning I'm sending this - I haven't yet had coffee, and my cat Spartacus is yelling at me for breakfast. So, with that said, let's get into today's news!

Twitch News

Twitchcon takes the cake for the second week in a row - last week launching sales without any health measures, this week announcing health measures. Masks will be required indoors and proof of vaccination or a negative test. I have so many thoughts about this. Some I tweeted about before their announcement and made into a video - both I removed after the announcement. But, I'll post a debrief video this week to summarize. For now, the ensuing chaos of FaZe Clan L Posting and (reportedly) $30M Twitch Contracted Nickmercs announcing a competing event is enough to round out this story. That's sure to have ruffled some feathers.

In other news, Community Broadcasters (aka Others) will see their VOD storage reduced from 14-days to 7-days starting on September 1st, 2022. Partners, Twitch Prime, and Turbo users will continue to have 60-days, while Affiliates will continue to have 14-days of VOD storage.

Lower payouts got their second batch of eligible countries – Australia, Chile, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Peru. Creators within these countries can now opt to be paid out at $50 instead of $100. And lastly, Custom Tags officially were released last week. Creators can now create any tag they want to describe their content. The system uses machine learning and human review to prevent harmful tags - so if you spot tags that shouldn't be allowed, report them.

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