Tony the Tiger said "Ara Ara," 30%* Ad Cut, and Why Influencers Hate This Man

Tony the Tiger says "ara ara," Ads scheduling with a boosted rate for affiliates, Twitchcon San Diego's Schedule, and an influencer marketer pissed off everyone.

Happy Monday, All! I hope you had a fantastic weekend and are excited to start a new week! The new Creator Opportunities section is back, with a few more additions. I've also made a slight change to the Twitch News section, opting for bullet points to make it easier to catch up at-a-glance. If you enjoy or find value, I'd be greatly appreciative if you shared it with fellow streamers or industry people! Anyway, with that, let's jump right into it!

Twitch News

Twitch has officially launched a 55%* revenue share for affiliates on the condition that they run 3-minutes of ads per hour using the Ads Scheduler. Unfortunately, that doesn't remove prerolls for the hour... instead, you have to run two blocks of 90-second ads every 30 minutes to accomplish that task. Yes, Twitch continues to overly complicate things. There is one positive: ads are now paid at 30%* regardless of using the ads scheduler or not. But that also comes with the asterisks... *Both percentages are AFTER fees, costs, taxes, returns, refunds, discounts, credits, etc. At least the Ads Scheduler got a visual update.

In other news:

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