Twitchcon's Going to be Sick, Jidion Sneaks In, and Quality of Life Updates

Twitchcon Tickets, Quality of Life Improvements, Meta's Super Streaming Service, and Jidion's Twitchcon video is a concerning security failure.

Sometimes writing these intros is the hardest part of the email itself. Trying to find a balance between information and personality in what is otherwise aiming to be an asset to readers can sometimes be tricky! But, as a creator, creating content YOU want to consume is important. You'll make more engaging, interesting, and quality work that results in less burnout when you create for yourself! Anyway, let's talk about the news this week!

Twitch News

Twitchcon took center stage as it became clear the San Diego edition would not have any health measures to protect attendees from COVID19. It's a confusing decision considering nearly all other conventions with similar demographics have mask mandates, while Twitchcon Amsterdam resulted in hundreds of 'positive test' tweets. Tickets this year are priced at 1-Day for $129, 3-Day for $199, and 3-Day plus party for $229. There's no information yet on who will be performing at the party. (In 2019, Blink 182 and Logic featured after Lil Nas X dropped out.) Personal note: I will not be attending Twitchcon. If a good business opportunity presents itself, I might visit San Diego. But I will not be inside the con itself.

Changes on Twitch this week included an update to Sub Goals that allows you to set whole subs as the goal - rather than sub-points. Twitch also added a Game Developer Badge, though there's no indication on how to get it yet. We also saw a quality of life update to Achievements, which now shows you when you unlock more VIP slots, and time achievements will be updated daily. Finally, we saw a new update to mobile that added the Uptime and View Count.

Oh, and as a bonus - a blog was posted and immediately removed, but "Customizable Tags," previously referred to as Freeform Tags, are coming soon!

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