Twitch Ads Incentive Calculator

Twitch's Ad Incentive Program offers streamers the ability to get a 'reliable' advertising income to run fixed ads per hour. The AIP gives you three offers that look like the image above. Enter the three critical bits from the offer: your amount, the minutes of ads, and the hours to stream. You'll also need to look at your dashboard and get your average viewership over the last 30-days.

This tool is for educational purposes only, not financial advice. Whether something is "worth it or not" is up to you!

Data is based upon June offers and will be updated to reflect more data soon. Also, July offers have switched from FLAT rates to diminishing returns - so you should run the calculator for EACH of the offers.

You will get

Per Viewer per Minute of Ads
Per Viewer:
Per Minute of Ads:
Per Hour Streamed:

Taking the averages from my data set, you can compare to know what tier your offer falls into.

*You may see mixed results with different metrics fitting into different tiers. That's because channel viewership/hours streamed/ad amounts differ. The most reliable metric is Per Viewer Per Minute as it normalizes the offers on viewership, ad rate, and amount of ads.

Read more about this data and how it came about here.

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