📢)) Safety Advisory Council Terminated, Discord's Next Chapter, Twitchcon Tickets, and Guilded Login

Hello, and welcome to June! It feels like just yesterday that I was contemplating the passage of time and how it felt like it had slowed this year. Turns out May wasn't so equally slow. I blinked, and it was over! With that said, I have some fun to start the month on my stream a couple of hours after sending this! Come by and win a sub, merch, or even a Logitech G product! And with that, let's get into the news!

Twitch News

Streaming Industry News

  • Dreamhack introduced new IRL streaming rules for its conventions after the problems at Dreamhack Melbourne.
  • Guilded, a Discord alternative, has announced that after July 15, 2024, you will need to connect to a Roblox account to use the service.
  • Discord's "Next Chapter" suggests that it is doubling down on gaming content and leaning more towards game integrations, streaming, and communities.
  • YouTube expanded its Playables experiment to the US, Great Britain, Canada, and Australia.
  • SOOP has launched its new global website. All creators can monetize after streaming for 60 minutes until August 31. Then, they will need 300 streaming minutes, 30 followers, and 3 CCV. Gems offer a 60% split to Affiliate creators, while Subs are 70%, excluding fees. (70% Gems and 80% Subs for Partners)
  • Twitter will require all creators wanting to earn money from their content, to verify their ID by July 1st. New creators must verify immediately.

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