Kai Cenat x Kevin Hart, Sexual Theme Blur, Twitch Content Controls, and Broadcast Her Winners

I have had the busiest weekend and an even busier week ahead - so we'll keep this intro very short! Let's just jump right into it!

Twitch News

Streaming Industry News

  • SOOP, the newly rebranded AfreecaTV streaming service, will launch globally on June 5th with a new design, Vtuber avatars, real-time translation, and more.
  • YouTube is testing AI-generated instrumental music for creators who create Shorts content.
  • Noice has opened 25 slots to stream on their platform.
  • TikTok is planning layoffs in operations, content, and marketing teams.
  • YouTube is testing replies to Super Chats.
  • IGN Entertainment acquired Eurogamer, GamesIndustry, Rock Paper Shotgun, and other game publications and promptly laid off employees.
  • Rainmaker is becoming part of x.la.
  • Rolling Stone is launching a gaming vertical with help from the Saudi wealth fund.

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