YouTube Hype, Plus Points Goal, and Banned Streamers Allowed on Twitch Again?

Happy Eclipse Day to North America and Monday to the rest of you! A short intro because there's a lot of news this week! So, let's jump right into it.

Twitch News

  • The Bits card has added a new "Custom Amount" option, allowing users to type exactly the number they want to cheer (vs typing in chat.)
  • Plus Points has a new widget to display your point count. The widget can be found in the "Manage Goals" button on your stream dashboard.
  • The new Plus Points Goal mentioned above displays a goal on your channel page. For Affiliates, it shows a goal of 100; for Partners, it shows a goal of 300. You can not customize it. It also features a drop-down button that over-explains the Plus Goal to anyone in your community.
  • An update to the "Suspension Evasion" policy now allows all streamers to show banned creators' VODs and live streams on their own Twitch streams. I understand the VODs part of it. But live streams? That's going to get abused quickly.
  • Twitch says it has a "role to play" in helping train Amazon's generative AI. They are working on generating clips with AI and chatbots and might train on streamer videos, voices, and chat messages.
  • A Twitch executive isn't ruling out more layoffs in the future.
  • Twitch's VP of Community Health, Alison Huffman, announced she's leaving the company. A replacement has been hired, evidently from the cryptocurrency/web3 space.
  • Sweden's gambling regulator, Spelinspektionen, may target Twitch after a Kulturnyheterna investigation found unlicensed gambling content on the platform. Twitch initially declined to comment, but, since publication have responded that they are trying to reduce the amount of gambling content on the platform.
  • Dan Clancy is doing an AMA on Livestream Fail.
  • CommanderRoot released Q1 2024 stats on the number of partners, affiliates, staff, and community members, as well as tipping service and social media links. He also shared insight into Twitch Clips settings which is pretty intriguing and extension usage.
  • For April Fools, Twitch launched five fake categories: Sandwiches, Just Catting, Cowboy Corner, Inanimate Objects and Chores, Odd Jobs & Errands.
  • There are seven new Twitch Ambassadors: CyborgAngel, Fems, FiNessi_, Twoosie, OwengeJuiceTV, Syrix, and Lumenti.
  • Twitch closed the applications to be a Twitch Ambassador.
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