Streamer Award Winners, Esland Award Winners, Twitchcon Tickets and TikTok Gift Goals

I've had lots of time to think about the streaming space over the last two weeks that I've been in Costa Rica! I could write an exceptionally long intro about some of those sentiments. But that conflicts with the fact it's my last full day here - so instead, I'm going to hold onto the Pura Vida life for one more day and defer a longer intro until next week! Let's get into this week's recap!

Twitch News

  • An update to the Suspensions, Appeals, and DMCA documentation clarifies the rules, restrictions, and outcomes. Most of these policies already existed but were kept private by Twitch. I suspect Europe's Digital Services Act (DSA) has forced Twitch to make several updates.
  • Speaking of the DSA, you may start to see new ban/report emails as a result of another change made to them to comply with the DSA. If something looks different, please DM me!
  • The Rotterdam Ahoy venue listed Twitchcon Rotterdam tickets going on sale on the 26th of February. 15 minutes before sending this newsletter, they removed the date.
  • CEO Dan Clancy admitted that Twitch tried to surface more smaller creators in discovery, but it had a negative impact on Twitch as a whole AND didn't help those smaller creators grow.
  • Until February 28th, Pinned Cheers has a Valentine-themed reskin.
  • A new experiment will help creators find someone to raid. It allows creators to filter potential raid targets by their follow status, uptime, tags, etc.
  • This former Twitch staffer shared his experience from the last couple of years and how the layoffs (including his own) impacted him.

Streaming Industry News

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