Pokimane Leaves Twitch, TikTok Loses UMG, Hover Returns(?), and Tyla Talks Twitch

I'm traveling this week and have a million things to do today, so unfortunately, I'm cutting this intro short! But, if you want to hear some of my thoughts on the space, I posted a video this week on whether Twitch will be Pay to Win in the future - food for thought. But let's get into the news!

Twitch News

  • February marks the first month of initial eligibility for the Plus Program. February/March/April for eligibility in May. If a Partner previously had 350 points in December or January, you can still qualify under the old points requirement in March/April.
  • The Black Brilliance shelf is prioritized again for Black History Month. So far, there has been some social promotion featuring DeejayKnight, Thormungandr, and EspeSymone.
  • Concurrent Join Limits start at the end of February and will be scaled down from 100,000 to 100 by the end of June 2024. This means that accounts will be limited to joining 100 channels - so many of the bots you see in your chat will soon be gone.
  • Amazon IVS shared a blog on how to use Audible Magic to identify copyright content. This is the same technology Twitch uses that mutes streamer audio. It's interesting to see them publicizing it.
  • Twitchcon Rotterdam's call for content is now open.

Streaming Industry News

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