Twitchcon Dates, Partner Plus Goals, YouTube Layoff, and TikTok Live Without 1000 Followers

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Twitch News

  • Twitchcon 2024 Dates have been announced. June 29-30 in Rotterdam, September 20-22 in San Diego.
  • Amsterdam will be the home of Twitchcon Europe for both 2025 and 2026. San Diego will also play the permanent home of Twitchcon San Diego through 2028.
  • Twitch has announced they are no longer monitoring or offering support on their localized Twitter accounts. This covered Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • A new Points Goal is available for Partners aiming to achieve Partner Plus. You can turn on the Partner Plus Points Goal by enabling the "Share with Community" toggle.
  • You can now subscribe to Twitch Turbo on mobile, but the price is significantly higher than on desktop.
  • Twitch quietly ended its partnerships with Rolling Stone, Vice, and Complex.
  • Twitch announced that Drops Farming is no longer allowed (in slightly confusing language) but later clarified the new rules and outcomes.
  • Twitch's CEO was on the Karat podcast.
  • Zerator claims that Twitch's Europe operation was the only profitable operation, according to staff he spoke with.
  • JuanSGuarnizo has criticized Twitch for making bad business decisions and being exclusively focused only on English creators. He claims the Head of Twitch Latin America didn't even speak Spanish.
  • Featured.Chat, a collaboration between Slevinth Heaven and Twitch, has been (temporarily?) shut down.
  • Chartr Daily shared a chart showing the boom and retraction of Twitch hours watched.

Streaming Industry News

  • YouTube laid off 100 people from its creator management teams. This layoff apparently also impacted the Head of YouTube Gaming, Leo Olebe. This could significantly impact YouTube's plan for live content moving forward.
  • Rene Ritchie and YouTube Content Strategist Sarah Healy talk about best practices for YouTube live streamers.
  • This week, Devin Nash, Thinnd, and Harris Heller are speaking about multistreaming at a YouTube live event. RSVP may still be open.
  • With Tangia, you can now turn your own custom TTS into its own AI Persona! That Persona knows what's happening in chat, allowing your community to interact with it, and it responds on stream accordingly. It only takes a minute to set up and is completely free! This is ONLY possible with Tangia, so go check it out!*
  • TikTok is allowing gamers with a history of streaming on other platforms access to TikTok Live without needing 1000 followers. Note: Application limits may be hit if too many people apply.
  • TikTok now shows a "Live Pro" badge on highly active live streamers.
  • Facebook has lifted its exclusivity clause from live streamers, allowing them to stream anywhere.
  • 7TV has apparently ousted their CEO Anatole after it's alleged he was sexting minors and harassing women and female staff members.
  • Jacob Wolf did an AMA on LivestreamFail regarding his Softgiving charity story and other topics.
  • The Italian government may implement new rules and oversight over sponsored content by influencers.
  • Amazon's MGM has made a deal for esports content.

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Creator News

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