Bits Price Changes, Charity Streaming, Noice Closed Beta, and Some Streamer Deals

A pretty quiet week in the streaming world - but that's to be expected with American Thanksgiving. Plus, Twitch is slated to launch a bunch of things in the next two weeks before they go on company-wide holidays so that the lull won't last. In any case, as usual, there are some incredible opportunities and a bunch of games in the lower half of the recap... But, first, it wouldn't be THIS week without a promotion!

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Now, let's get into the news!

Twitch News

  • There was an update to Bits pricing to reflect changing exchange rates over the last year. To see where prices went up or down, check my Twitter thread. It only went UP in price in Japan and Turkey, while much of Europe saw decreases.
  • Twitch is encouraging charity streams from November 28 to December 3. Creators using #TogetherForGood or #Charity in their content tags or stream titles may be featured on the front page. Also, anyone who donates at least $5 with Twitch's Charity Tool will receive a unique chat badge.
  • The clip quality on Twitch has been broken since the middle of last week. Clip quality is ordered randomly when viewing, and downloading quality is also impacted.
  • Defector interviewed creators and explored the world of Twitch at Twitchcon.

Streamer Deals

I found a few deals on products I have/use, so I feel comfortable recommending them. Also, to me, a deal is something at a GREAT price, i.e., an all-time low. So that's what you get! They are not sponsored but are Amazon affiliate links - even just clicking them does help me!

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