Twitch Partner Summit, Founder Badge Drama, and Suspensions #MMSR8

~160 Partners Wined and Dined at Twitch's Partner Summit, New Features Unfeatured, and Some Notable Suspensions

Good Monday Morning all! I hope you all had a great week - it was certainly eventful! The above image comes from the Twitch Partner Summit, an event bringing about 160 Twitch Partners to New York. I'll cover it a bit more in the newsletter's last section- and in greater detail in a YouTube video this week. But it's interesting to see all those execs in one spot! Anyway, let's get into some news!

Twitch News

Twitch launched a much anticipated and sought-after feature this week - the ability to revoke Founder Badges. Unfortunately, within a couple of hours of its launch, cracks in the system emerged. The 'next up' list from which Founders Badges pulled, failed to update correctly, leading to a bug where subscriptions would say there was an available Founder Badge for the next subscriber. Worse though, as founders were removed - the next in line would immediately get a notification informing them they were now eligible for it, even if the streamer immediately revoked it. Drama! No timeline on a re-release of the feature at this point.

Other launches, including a test of "Recent Support Events" leaderboard, went much smoother. Similar to how YouTube displays Super Chats and Memberships, this functionality mimics that directly (albeit a bit clunky.)

Twitchcon Amsterdam got a schedule update. For those in Australia and New Zealand, Bit Fest returns this week (lucky buggers!). Lastly, if you're reading this on Monday Morning, there will be 'downtime' on Twitch Collections later today.

That's all the big Twitch stories from the week, but there's plenty more below that you'll get access to by joining the mailing list for free!

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