Twitch Stories, Twitchcon Map, New VShojo Vtuber, and Xsolla Acquires Lightstream

This is a Pre-Twitchcon Edition of the recap, which means I'm giving you exclusive details of Twitch's new Stories feature, an exclusive (unofficial) map of the show floor, and parties in the area! Plus, all the regular Twitch News, Industry News, Creator News, Keys and Careers you've come to expect - and best of all, this newsletter is publicly accessible thanks to SUB2r* (There's an opportunity below for creators attending Twitchcon)! Now, let's jump right into it.

Twitch News

  • Twitch has reworded Partner Qualification guidelines slightly. They also added one new addition: "8-individual streams with 75 average viewers per 30-days, for two consecutive months."
  • Sponsored Sub-Discounts are now being actively tested. Amazon Games offered subs at a 50% discount in a small test with some top creators.
  • There's a new Monetization tab for creators that pulls out Ads, Bits, Community, Subs, and Others from their previous placements.
  • CommanderRoot has brought back Twitch's Rerun function as a third-party service.
  • The Privacy Center has launched, offering you a guide on taking control of your data on Twitch.
  • Twitch is trying to create artificial demand for Guest Star, which statistically no one is using (less than 0.019% at any given time) by stealing organic discovery from creators with unique thumbnail overlays.
  • Streamers now have the choice to Block banned users from viewing their livestreams. They can still view clips + VODs and bypass this in a logged-out state.
  • Australia eSafety Commissioner has released a report on platforms' approach to CSEA, including Twitch, Discord, YouTube, and others.
  • It seems that the layoffs continue to drip at Twitch, with more staffers reporting they're receiving notice of being let go.

Streaming Industry News

  • This exciting startup is launching the first pro livestreaming camera designed specifically for creators! They're looking to meet potential launch partners at Twitchcon, and give you a quick introduction to the camera and the SUB2r team! If you're interested, book a session quickly, as it will fill up fast!*
  • Discord is adding the ability to create polls.
  • Xsolla acquired Lightstream, Rainmaker, and Api Stream.
  • TikTok has launched a new content API called Direct Post, which allows posting content and selecting features previously limited to the app. Some of the launch partners include Adobe Premiere, Twitch, Capcut, DaVinci Resolve, and SocialPilot.
  • BBC wrote an article about TikTok's sponsorship of EGX, and what it means for the gaming industry.
  • Content production studio Zygo is merging with Pipeline, a creator education company. Despite Pipeline's CEO remaining CEO of the merged company, they will be dropping the Pipeline name entirely. Odd - feels like there's more to this story.
  • 363 days after launch, you can now report streams on Kick via a button on channels.

*This is sponsored content.

Pre-Twitchcon + Stories Details

Twitch is launching Stories this week. Here are the details (subject to change!):

  • Partners/Affiliates will need to stream 45 minutes in a 30-day period to use Stories. This is a small safety gate.
  • Stories last for 48 hours before disappearing (but will still be available to you, the creator).
  • Viewers with notifications turned on will get notified when a new story is posted.
  • Viewers of Stories can react to them.
  • There will be THREE types of Stories you can create: Image, Clips, Canvas.
    • Image allows you to upload an image or take a photo.
    • Clips allow you to share YOUR clips OR other creators' FEATURED clips. (That adds some utility/reason for creators to get to featuring!)
    • Canvas will be a basic gradient or background as a starting point.
    • You can overlay Text and Twitch emotes on all three types of Stories.
  • There will be analytics for View Counts and Reactions to your Stories.
  • Sub-only Stories require a streamer to have 30 active subscribers. This includes gifted subs.
  • Stories will only be available on Mobile and aim to be fully released by Twitchcon.

Creator News

Keys & Careers

Some great opps and unique-looking games this week! Thanks to slashie101 for her ongoing help!

🎲 Safe in our World Ambassador Program
🎲 Vtuber at OffKai Expo 2024
🎲 Community Apex Legends Team Antigen
🎲 Katliente's Creator Royale

🗝️ Alchemist: The Potion Monger
🗝️ Blue Oak Bridge
🗝️ Cavern of Dreams
🗝️ Enshrouded
🗝️ Frog Detective
🗝️ In Stars and Time
🗝️ Knuckle Sandwich

🌎 Social Media Associate at Junkfish (Remote, Scotland)
🌎 Social Media Manager at Spotify (New York)
🌎 Community Manager at Herman Miller Gaming (Michigan)
🤝 Digital Marketing Coordinator at Bandai Namco (Contract)
📹 Entertainment Editor at Refinery29 (Hybrid, New York)
📝 Associate Lead Writer at Larian Studios (Canada, Spain or Ireland)
🎨 Cinematic and Lead Artist at Studio Camelia (Remote, France)
🎨 Gameplay Animator at Compulsion Games (Hybrid, Canada)
⌨️ Lead UI Programmer at FUNCOM (Remote)

Thanks so much for reading, and have a great week of streaming! - Zach

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