Partner Plus Launch, Forbes Top Creators 2023, TikTok Live's Problem, and Linktree's Creator Report

Welcome to October - the ultimate time for jump scares, terrifying games, and... Twitchcon. After spending most of our time talking to people on-stream, being in person may be frightening for some! I know I feel feral socially since the pandemic and have some anxiety about the convention. I really should commit to doing some podcasts! (Ping me if you'd like me as a guest on something!) But with that, let's get right into this week's news!

Twitch News

  • As we enter the first-month creators have been eligible for Partner Plus, the help article got a big update with many new FAQs. They also launched a new dashboard to track your points and another one to track your income to the max of $100k. (One-question survey for Partners!)
  • The Discovery Feed experiment has been expanded to more users.
  • Twitchcon has launched its Android and iOS app for Twitchcon Vegas.
  • After over three years, Twitch updated the Safety Advisory Council. CohhCarnage is stepping down, and they have added two moderators to the council.
  • A new experiment for Watch Streaks will be launching shortly. It will show a progress bar and streak notifications.
  • Game directory pages now have a direct link to IGDB pages.
  • Twitch shared a detailed State of Engineering covering their various teams and what they do.
  • CommanderRoot shared his Q3 Twitch Streaming Stats, which show an increase in community streamers, fewer affiliates and partners streaming - and ~70 fewer staff accounts, presumably attrition, and a freezing hire.
  • Fortune Magazine wrote about top creators demanding Twitch fix the "legal viewbotting" issue. This issue sees some creators embedding their streams to get a massive increase in viewership.
  • Twitch CCO Laura Lee appeared in a throwaway interview with CNBC. She was asked questions that she did not answer - disappointing.
  • Twitch's recently departed Head of Global Comms has taken a job at WhatNot. This follows Twitch's Chief Product Officer taking a job there last month.
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