Faze CEO Out, MrBeast Thumbnails, DrLupo Stays on YouTube + Creator League Paused

Good Monday to you! As a creator, there's no escaping the soul-crushing negativity that sometimes comes from putting yourself out there. Whether it's a troll who says the perfect thing to get under your skin or someone trying to help but doing so on a day you're already feeling out of sorts, the effect is the same: Self-doubt, imposter syndrome, frustration, anger, and exhaustion by the whole thing. It can be a tricky thing to manage. And I hate to say it, but I don't think it's something you can ever truly escape! Some people have a strong enough ego to ignore it, but that may not be true for everyone (it certainly isn't for me.) Instead, knowing that it comes with being a creator, you'll need to figure out your strategies to manage it.

In that realm, I'm curious about how often negativity (regardless of the source) impacts you AND how you handle it! Anonymously submit your answers here! And with that, let's get into this week's news!

Twitch News

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