Kai Cenat Wins Streamer of the Year, Streamy Awards, Discovery Feed, and Kick Badges

I want to start this newsletter by thanking everyone who donated during my charity stream for F Cancer on Thursday! Together, we raised over $4300 (and there's still time to donate!)

Thank you so much to Gnare, A Tiny Elephant, OriusKhan, DesertIce, BionicBani, ReggX, Shrk1990, DragonGem, SteveMz, PSingletary, Wextext, TicanUK, Xemdo, UndergroundRescueChannel, StreamNilo, Soficious, RuthfullLA, opti_21, ChezRawz, Crow-Fi, BanzaiMerlin, Antilemons, Kimchi_Apple, Applications, Monica Rose, Nemisar, UwUsion, No_Lollygaggin, Moblord, ParanormalBat, LaVonda Rocks, Mellemony, DanCarlyon, MsCuppyKate, DarkInsanities, Goodbirth, Tau, ExcessivelySalty, Shindigs, slashie101, Anneweetwel, Joey676, LumpyShinobi, thepurpleblur, 2TonWaffle, rhaimon, Lewd1sh and Sunberry!

With that, let's get into the news and save the mini-survey for next week!

Twitch News

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