Kai Cenat Speaks, Worm Attacks in Twitch Chat, TikTok Singing Competition and $1M Job for a Creator?

Good Monday All! Last week, I asked if any of you were planning to monetize in NEW ways in the coming months and what those ways might be. 55% of you said you were, while 32% were undecided. Only 13% had no plans to monetize in new ways.

Regarding what you might do, 35% of you are looking into Third Party subscription services like Patreon or Fansly, 13% are looking into selling merch, 10% have plans to do sponsored content, and 7% are considering setting up an Etsy store! One person is planning on scaling back content creation and finding a job.

This week, I'm curious about what upcoming game you're most excited about AND what game you felt did not meet your expectations. Answer here! And now, let's get into the news!

Twitch News

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