Twitch Partner Plus Splits Community, YouTube Fan Funding Easier to Unlock, and xQc Signs $100M Deal with Kick

Good Morning and Happy Juneteenth! How are you feeling about the state of the streaming space right now? Personally, I find it overwhelming, and I cover the space! It's one of the reasons I love doing this newsletter - it gives me a chance to document and review everything quietly on my own time. BUT, it still leaves questions about the future of streaming - and I ask myself what should I do?

Now, I've been a creator for my entire adult life and have seen many platforms get worse over time or lose all relevance/community. It's the nature of being a creator... you have to be nimble and mitigate risk as best as you can. Whenever I feel risk levels are spiking up, I do three things to plan ahead.

  1. Breathe. First and foremost, I remember to take a deep breath. Things don't typically change overnight. I have time to breathe and calm myself before making any decision.
  2. Think Long, Medium, and Short Term. Once I've taken that breath, I think about my next steps. Long-term goals are 2-5 years out and where I want my career to be. Medium-term are the upcoming 365 days. Short-term are those I can accomplish in the next 30-90 days.
  3. Act. Once I have my goals, I start making minor changes toward those ambitions. That may mean instead of streaming 4-days a week on Twitch, I split ONE stream in half and try to bring my community elsewhere for the second half. Or maybe, I redirect that time into editing a video. My loyalty is to my community, and I don't want to make drastic overnight changes that throw them to the wind. Instead, small tactical changes done over a long period while communicating with them will make that bridge easier to cross.

I hope that helps some of you. Granted, everyone's journey is different, and if you feel that an overnight change is best for you, go for it! You know yourself and your community better than I do. Sometimes a fresh start is exactly what you need! With that, let's get into the news!

Twitch News

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