Twitch Branded Content Policy, New Simulcasting Restrictions, NicMercs Skin Removed, and OTK Publisher

Twitch showed how little they consider creators when making decisions; while introducing new simulcasting restrictions, nicmorks loses his in-game skin, and OTK launches a game publishing company.

This has been a fairly eventful week. Twitch Executives decided to show creators just how much they think about them by announcing a new Branded Content policy (that they walked back by the end of the day and retracted a day later). They also introduced other changes that Twitch streamers may have missed and should be aware of!

This will be the first recap for many of you (thanks for signing up!), so I want to preface by saying they USUALLY aren't this long. The best way I can recap the Branded Content situation is to document it chronologically and thoroughly. I believe that last week set the stage for more changes in the near future, including monetization, the partner program, ads, and what it means to be a creator on Twitch.

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Twitch News

Twitch Branded Content Situation

The best way to cover this is chronologically. So, here's how things went down over the last week in the rough order of how they unfolded.

June 6

June 7

June 8

  • Twitch starts sending written email notice to Partners that their contracts will not auto-renew, and they will need to accept the new MSA.
  • The Terms of Service officially changes again to remove the concerning language around branded content - here is what changed.

June 9

For now, that's where we are. I think this sets up the first of many changes ahead. I'll be keeping an eye on Twitchcon.

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