Twitch Testing Channel Switcher, Mizkif Streaming on Rumble, Grace Van Dien Joins Faze, and Twitch Turbo Price Increase

Twitch is testing a new version of the channel switcher, Mizkif announces he will stream part-time on alt-right-dominated Rumble, Grace Van Dien joined Faze clan, and Twitch has changed the price of Turbo Ad-Free viewing.

This is going to be a weird way to start your week. I'm sorry. But sometimes in life, weird stuff happens. For example, all these ridiculous Tech CEO quotes. Or that time Zuckerberg wore a lot of sunscreen. Or when Jeff Bezos thanked us all for paying for his phallic space ride. Just weird stuff. Well, this week, Twitch's new CEO, Dan Clancy, went deep into the weird (admittedly on a show aiming for the absurd), where he was asked about how to convince a significant other to pee on them. If this is something you're into, he gave some golden advice.

While the segment earned him a few Zoomer fans, with plenty in the chat spamming W's, saying how cool he was - I can't help but think it's weird. As a community, we still don't really know that much about Dan. We've read some of his blogs and an interview or two - but other than that, he's an unknown. And so (to me) it feels weird for his biggest appearance yet to be as wild as this was. And look, I'm not against going along with the joke (as is evidenced above and in the linked tweets,) but it's just not streaming advice that I expected him to start with.

That said, if you listen to the advice - it's a very common corporate leadership strategy to go too far (pee in my mouth?), expect outrage (no, that's gross), and then give some back (how about we compromise and you pee on my chest?) But with that, let's get into the news.

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