Twitch First Party Alerts, Google Inactive Account Policy, TikTok Banned in Montana, and Pokimane Graduates OTV

Twitch launches First Party Alerts, Google Inactive Account Policy has the community frustrated, TikTok Banned in Montana, and Pokimane Graduates from OfflineTV.

This is a bit of a late send on the newsletter this week cause my cat (Spartacus, pictured here acting completely normal) decided that 5 AM was the perfect time to test his stealth capabilities on my junk shelf. Alas, he's not as smooth as he thinks - and he managed to alert the entire neighborhood. So, let's get right into this week's news!

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Twitch News

  • The launch of First Party Alerts came with a few new features unavailable anywhere else, including Hype Train Milestones, Full-Screen Celebrations (that do need a way to disable them as a viewer), and Resub Customization. Tip: If you've set up alerts elsewhere, you can still use Twitch's unique functions without moving entirely.
  • Privacy Choices have been rewritten with clearer examples and new options to dictate how Twitch can use your personal information. Worth a look over!
  • Twitch appears to have shut down its "Community Partnerships Programs." These were educational networking webinars/sessions between Twitch Partners and Twitch Staff.
  • Soundtrack by Twitch appears to be shutting down sometime in the coming weeks.
  • Former Twitch CEO Emmett Shear has joined YC as a Visiting Group Partner.

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