Twitch Sells Golden Kappa, VShojo Loses Three, Stream Events Launch, and Project V

Twitch ran an exclusive hype train that sold the Golden Kappa, Stream Events for Streamaversaries, New Twitch Ambassadors, Vei, Silvervale, and Nyanners left VShojo, Project V, and Esfand Profiled by Digiday.

A quiet week! As we enter a new month, I expect many more things to start popping up - Twitch has a slew of features, contract updates, 1st party alerts, and more they are likely wanting to get out sooner than later. So, I'll take any downtime between now and then!

I also want to take a moment to thank the latest paid members! Jen, Gun, Marc, Joseph, Steven, Kim, and Matty, I sincerely appreciate your support (for just $5 a month!) Thank you - you make this and my other work possible! And with that, let's get into the news!

Twitch News

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