Twitch Worth $45B, Unity Guilds, Apple Forces Kick to Moderate, and the Lofi Girl Universe Grows

Twitch could be worth $45B, the launch of Unity Guilds, Apple forces Kick to moderate better, Lofi Girl universe grows, Creator Clash 2, and much more!

The streaming space is in an uncomfortable position. The pandemic created a bubble where many live streamers saw viewer growth, revenue increases, and other improvements. But, as the world returns to normal and edges toward global recession, streamers feel the opposite: declining viewers, decreased revenue, and uncertainty about their future. And when creators start to feel the pressure of decline, I notice they tend to start making rash decisions. It's all about trying to stop the bleeding.

While most creators often don't become creators with a business plan in mind, if sustainability and longevity as a creator is your goal - you have to start thinking about it more seriously. That means developing a plan, setting target goals, and actionable ways of getting there. And not just short-term, but multi-year plans as well! Times of decline create opportunities for those who are prepared, and when the good times return, they ride the wave to greater success. Just some food for thought - but now let's get into the news.

Twitch News

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