Twitch Sponsorships, YouTube's Live Control Panel, Emote Inflation, and Snoop Dogg Out at Faze

Twitch is testing sponsorship products, Indiefoxx is unbanned, Emote Inflation continues to hit third parties, YouTube is launching a Live control panel, and Snoop Dogg is out at Faze.

Last night, after I finished writing this newsletter, I stayed up very late using AI tools to try and make a current meme. It wasn't great, but it was my first attempt, and I was like, "Hey, I did something new!" and went to bed proud of myself. I woke up to show some people expecting praise and maybe some critique, BUT... Every. Single. Person. I've shown it to say it's not good. Ouch. That's how it goes sometimes. You're rarely going to be good at things the first time you try them, but if you're surrounded by yes men, maybe you don't even know you suck at something or that the idea isn't a good one. That's not to say you should listen to haters - but when people you trust give you negative feedback on something, listen to it and learn! With that, let's get into the news!

Twitch News

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