Michou Streams, Pewdiepie's Always On, A Time to Stream, and OTK Elevated?

Famous French YouTuber Michou Becomes a Streamer, Pewdiepie's Always On Stream, Anna Cramling in CNN, Time to Stream Experiment, and a new Batch Reporting Tool on Twitch!

The last two intros to the newsletter were long, so I will reverse compensate and keep this one absurdly short. Now, let's get into this week's news!

Twitch News

  • A new Time to Stream Experiment went live for 66% of users - split between two visualizations. It gives you some insight into when you might want to consider streaming.
  • Moderators will soon be able to easily report multiple accounts using a new Batch Reporting Tool.
  • Prerolls will be getting the Picture by Picture Ads experience. While this has been the case for midrolls for a while, Prerolls were previously not part of this experience.
  • Tell your US-based Mods to apply for this opportunity to go to Twitchcon Las Vegas on Twitch's dime.
  • CommanderRoot Q1 2023 Twitch stats were posted. Notable changes: +2K Partners in the last three months. Slight increase in streamer activity. -400 Staff Accounts (oof.)
  • Pewdiepie came back to Twitch, sort of. He's now streaming his years of YouTube content in an endless stream. Initial hype had him peak at over 5000 viewers. (NBC's ALF also just launched Always On reruns on Twitch.)
  • Michou, a famous French YouTuber, has evidently signed to stream exclusively on Twitch.
  • If you've ever wondered why emotes get removed by Twitch - here's a good explainer.
  • Monthly Recaps are again available to viewers. There was a test where they weren't for a subsection of viewers.

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