Live Ads, Atrioc Deepfake, AI Seinfeld, and Viewership Data

Twitch testing Live Ads Growth Program, Atrioc Deepfake Controversy, AI Seinfeld captivates viewers and then got banned, and January Viewership Data

Hello everyone, and welcome to another weekly recap! It's been an interesting week in the streaming space, and if you were captivated by one story, you might have missed some of the others. Hopefully, this will help fill in the gaps and give you a more comprehensive view of everything you may have missed. I'm also making meaningful changes to, and excited to release them! But with that said, let's jump into the news!

Twitch News

  • Twitch has announced deprecation dates for Roles Lookup (February 24) and Following List (August 3). Raven's thread linked above explains what will be lost.
  • Twitch updated its Privacy Policy, detailing when Twitch discloses personal information. But, unusually, they have since reverted the changes.
  • Twitch's Live Ads Growth Program offers select creators promotion in paid ads on Facebook and Instagram. (Twitch is covering the cost/logistics.)
  • Tag Impressions have been released to more creators.
  • Nikatine has called on Twitch to remove Hogwarts Legacy advertising from her channel. Creators have been asking (for years) for a system to remove specific ad categories from their channels.
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