Twitch 2023 Roadmap and Tentative Twitchcon Dates

Twitch released their 2023 roadmap, Twitchcon tentative dates, the Spanish streamer awards hit 1.7M viewers, and as always, game keys and potential careers!

As a one-person operation, productivity is subject to my ups and downs - and last week was as down as you can get, as I experienced my first-ever case of COVID. I'm writing this on Sunday evening and, fortunately, am on the mend, but it remains a slow grind back to health. This week will be a little less comprehensive, but I'll make up for it with some tentative Twitchcon Paris, and Twitchcon Las Vegas dates at the end! Let's get right into it!

Twitch News

Twitch came out this week with an open letter detailing some of the projects they intend to launch this year and on the Safety side. While there's a more extensive discussion around some of these ideas, it's exciting to have something to look forward to. This has been something I've been hammering home for years on my stream that Twitch needs to do! Here's a bullet breakdown:

  • Monetization: First Party Sound Alerts, Recognize Viewers More Personally with Cheering, Subtember-like Local Events, Personalized Discounts, Sponsorship Solution, Channel Skins, and Mobile Updates.
  • Promotion: Tool to Edit Clips for Vertical Shorts, Channel Based Pinned Clips, Emotes in Stream Titles, and Upcoming Streams on Mobile.
  • Ads: More Flexible Ads Incentive Program, Ads Manager Visibility, Changes to Twitch Turbo, Prerolls Disabled for 3M of Ads, Community Snooze Ad Function, Clearer Ads Flags, Picture by Picture Ads.
  • Community: Celebrate Viewer Moments, Viewer Milestones, Creator Home, New Analytics, Q&A Tool, Fixed URL Tag Collections, and Mobile Discovery Feed for Channels and Clips.
  • Safety: Double Down on Ongoing Efforts, Make Reporting Easier, More Verified Accounts, Mobile Moderation, and Better Education.
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