The Last Recap of 2022!

This is the last recap of 2022! But it's packed with the stories from the previous week, some job opportunities, and game keys for creators!

This is the last newsletter of 2022! Thank you all for joining and reading over the last half year since its launch! I'm glad so many of you have found value in it, and I aim to make it even better in 2023! (Teaser: Mild redesign, new content, new creator offers/opps, and more!)

If you're a creator that would like to see something you think I'm missing - reach out! If you're a brand with a great product that might align with creators' needs - send me an email!

Have a fantastic rest of 2022, and we'll see you the first week of 2023 with my predictions for the year (and any news that may happen!)

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