Twitch Transparency, Charity, and Discord Testing Clips

Twitch's H1 Transparency Report, 95000 Charities Added to the Charity Tool, while Discord tests clipping live content.

As we enter the holiday season, I'm reminded that news (tends to) calm down a bit in the creator space. Twitch gives most staff 2-3 weeks off near the end of December. Thus, expect to see a different kind of newsletter around that time that covers my expectations, predictions, and hopes for the streaming space for 2023! But hit me up on Twitter with your thoughts! Now, let's get into it.

Twitch News

  • Twitch has (finally) expanded the available charities list to over 95,000 US-based charities. It relies on Paypal to verify the charities, which means some odd charities may get fundraising campaigns by Twitch creators.
  • Trust and Safety have announced changes to combat Online Grooming on Twitch. This includes mandatory phone verification, updated privacy settings, and new integration of AI technology to detect those under 13. Bloomberg has previously covered the problems with Twitch and child predation and this update.
  • The H1 2022 Transparency Report is now available. An interesting standout is reports and actions on sexual content continue to increase. Lots of other data points worth looking at!
  • German Twitch Partners can participate in the first-ever Hype Challenge, encouraging them with rewards for bits/sub-goals.
  • Meanwhile, Twitch ANZ has kicked off SubFest.
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