Twitch Gambling, YouTube Premium Price Increases, and Why G4 Failed

Twitch's new gambling policy breathes life into Dlive, G4 viewership struggles, YouTube price increases, and tons of other stories to get you caught up on anything you may have missed!

I'm often the first person to recommend to creators that you need to take breaks when you're feeling a bit thinly stretched. But, I'm also terrible at taking my own advice. This intro is entirely self-serving as a personal reminder to take some time off! So, if you see that I'm less active on Twitter/stream for the next couple of weeks - that's why! (These newsletters won't be impacted!) Speaking of, let's get right into it!

Twitch News

Twitch is starting to test its new Analytics layout. It's an excellent start to make things slightly easier to find - but it doesn't (yet) address what Twitch analytics needs: Better data. There are too many gaps in the existing data set to provide creators with actionable insight regarding viewership trends, ads impact on viewership, user type analysis, etc. Hopefully, the new attention will lead to continued development and expansion.

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