Showcase, TikTok Live Studio, G4 Shutdown, and Ludwig's Bidet Bet

Twitch launches Showcase Asset Creator Experiment, TikTok LIVE Studio Beta, G4 Shut Down by Comcast, Ludwig's Selling Bidets, and more in this week's streaming industry recap!

No fancy intro to the recap this week. Just a guy writing a newsletter, hoping that this helps you stay informed or makes your job easier! So, let's get into it!

Twitch News

Twitch's biggest launch of the week is Showcase. This experimental asset creator allows Affiliates and Partners to generate promotional images and videos for their stream using assets from their channel. Designed as a Windows 3.1 interface, it's a unique idea that could see value for smaller creators before developing their own assets. You can check it out here.

  • Twitch has ended the Super Cheer (aka Cheer Coin) experiment.
  • Twitch Charity function will add AUD, CAD, GBP, and EUR currencies - and will be adding 'tens of thousands of Paypal vetted charities.'
  • Fortune Magazine covered the executive scramble to win trust after cutting payouts.
  • Twitch London will no longer be hosting events.
  • Many talking heads in the streaming space have discussed the possibility that Amazon will remove Free Prime Subs. I theorize why that may not be the case for the time being.  
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