The Twitchcon San Diego 2022 Edition

A recap of Twitchcon San Diego 2022: the good, the bad, the ugly - and stories from YouTube, Tiktok PLUS creator opportunities!

First off, apologies that this recap is a day late! After a hectic week covering everything happening at Twitchcon live on stream, my Sunday evening time management was a mess! Fortunately, that means this recap includes an extra day of info! Let's jump into it.

Twitchcon News

Twitchcon San Diego 2022 just wrapped up - from the outside looking in, it was quite a mixed bag. Covering creators live from the convention floor offered a first-person perspective, mixed with the stories from sources made clear: Security was a big issue. Mask mandates weren't enforced. Bags were often not checked. Badge sharing was common, allowing access to Partner areas by non-partners. It seems like a total breakdown in communication between Twitch and the security team. We're all fortunate that nothing 'bad' happened... I wonder how long that luck lasts.

As for the convention itself, it opened with a keynote from Twitch CEO Emmett Shear that can only be described as empty. Here are the highlights from the keynote to get a sense of how this all kicked off.

Despite the mixed bag of on-scene semi-disasters... most creators walked away with a positive experience. That is a testament to how amazing the streaming community is. If Twitch were to disappear tomorrow, this community would find a new home and work to build back what it currently has. People above all else!  

Twitch News

Despite Twitch not having announced anything of note at Twitchcon itself, several things did get updated on the service this week.

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