Twitch Launches Everything, GIGAchats and Dream's Face Reveal

Twitch launched a slew of tests, including GIGAchats as a monetization product, Dream revealed his face, cmonBruh is streaming and much more!

After last week's crushing news cycle, Twitch opted to throw everything they could at creators. They launched nearly a dozen test features, new monetization options, had a 4-day period where Gift Subs were 25% off for Subtember (now ended), and more. This strategy was either planned to distract OR to get stuff out there before Twitchcon OR part of a Proving Ground to see what might be worth keeping. In any case, I'm intrigued to see what is announced at Twitchcon! For now, let's get into the recap!

Twitch News

Twitch has launched a new test called "Elevated Chats," colloquially called GIGAchats. GIGAchats start at $5 to pin your message for 30-seconds, topping out at 2.5 minutes for $100. Twitch says the split is 70-30; HOWEVER, that is done AFTER FEES. That brings the number down to somewhere between 58-65%. (I continue to find this tactic to be anti-creator and harmful. Twitch should be paying fees from their cut! Until they do, I cannot recommend any creator use this function - use your favorite tip service, and have a mod manually pin someone's message with Twitch's upcoming Pinned Chat feature.)

  • Hype Trains are no longer capped at level 5. The highest level I have personally seen is Level 43.
  • Twitch is testing Follow Cues, a data-driven reminder for creators to ask people to follow when the number of viewers not following is higher than usual.
  • Raid Controls launched this week, enabling creators to have specific controls on who can raid their channel.
  • /Shoutout launched this week - a great feature that will assuredly lead to new followers. Though, it may need some clearer messaging otherwise it can appear to be malicious.
  • Twitch now limits South Korean viewership to 720P.
  • New Default Sub Badges launched for creators. These exist when the creator has not uploaded custom ones.
  • Twitch Partners get access to regularly hosted private info sessions called 'Community Partnerships Programs.'
  • Hosts officially die today.
Check out the rest of the post, including a Twitchcon Map and Community Event Schedule, BBjess raised $100K, Dream Face Reveal, Q3 stats, and so much more! It's free!

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