Subtember Blues and Two Top Creators Take Breaks from Twitch

Subtember blues with lackluster promotion, two creators taking breaks/reducing hours on Twitch, Facebook shutting down apps, Bits for Votes removed, and much more!

Happy Labour/Labor Day to the Canadians/Americans and Monday to the rest of you! A much quieter week after last, but still a lot of interesting stories to go through. Ninja and Pokimane made announcements, a streamer left for YouTube, Subtember started up, and there are tons of keys and jobs linked below! So, let's get into it!

Twitch News

Subtember started this week and was immediately met with complaints about its poor promotion for creators. Most of the complaints stem from the fact that Gift Subs are not included in the promotion. There's also a lot of confusion about previous Subtembers offered in comparison. I took that as an opportunity to make a video looking at all the previous promotions! While Subtember will likely never see the glory days of 2019 again, it's generally not bad.

Twitch also continues to 'clean up' features and functions, axing the ability to BUY democracy in the form of Votes for Bits. While optional, this feature gave creators the ability to monetize decision-making. Polls continue to allow channel points to influence the results if the streamer chooses to. While it's nothing more than a theory, for now, I do wonder if this spells changes to Cheering in the future.

  • Twitch added a new Global Emote for Subtember called SUBprise, featuring a very zoomed-in version of the FairyModMother.
  • For the third time, Russia fined Twitch for failing to remove fake news from their service. This time, a two-hour interview with Zelensky.
  • Twitch CEO Emmett Shear went on a podcast with INC to talk about Twitch. It's a fascinating 20-minute listen.
  • Twitch's Doug Scott has moved from being the Chief Marketing Officer and is now the Chief Customer Officer.
  • Twitch's Rachel Delphin has moved from being the SVP Marketing & Comms and is now the Chief Marketing Officer.

Lastly, we're a month away from Twitchcon at the time of writing this. Have ticket sales improved since the announcement of health measures? Yes. But perhaps not to the extent that they had hoped. Another video I created this week digs into the public data to understand how many anti-mandate Partners refunded their tickets, how many Partners are attending, and how it compares to other Twitchcons.

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