Twitchcon Amsterdam Recap, Jidion Kicked Out, and Myth Leaves

Highlights from the Twitchcon Keynote, Jidion Sneaks into Twitchcon, and Myth Leaves for YouTube Gaming

Twitchcon Amsterdam is over, but its impact on the community cannot be understated. Twitchcon truly is the best of what the streaming space can be. Creators and viewers from around the world get together in a single location to connect, talk, and put faces to names. Meanwhile, the ads experience at Twitchcon is organic - giving people a reason to go check out Amazon's latest shows, new cosmetics from Nyx, or see what shoes go for on Stockx. Because the experience puts people first, I've seen few complaints! Instead, the post-con blues dominate social media as people get on trains, planes, and buses to return home. Funny how that happens. Anyway, let's get into this week's news!

Twitch News

Let's start with Twitchcon announcements - because there were surprisingly few. Many of the bigger reveals were announced by Twitch weeks or months ahead of time. For starters, Emmett Shear announced that Pinned Channels on the sidebar would be coming this summer. We also got Pinned Chat coming down the pipeline. Finally, they announced updates to the Raid functionality, allowing creators to better control who can raid them. If you want to see the keynote in a condensed format, I got you!

Earlier this week, Twitch announced that they would reduce the payment threshold from $100 to $50. This change will initially be available in Argentina, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and Taiwan but aims to be released globally by November. This is an excellent change for smaller creators, but the end goal is the bigger story here. They want to be able to pay out the money you earn in a stream the same day you make it. It's a long-term goal, but it likely means the steps to get there are shorter turnovers, more frequent payment processing, and other reductions. Some of those may be here sooner than later! I'm excited to see it.

That's all the big Twitch stories from the week, but there's plenty more below that you'll get access to by joining free!

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