YouTube's $8.1B Quarter, Sketch NFL Crossover, Blizzcon Canceled, and Creator Sub Promo

I've been sitting here for two hours writing and rewriting the introduction to this week's recap, and nothing feels right! Everything I've written feels too wordy, too random, or too basic. Perhaps that's a sign that I should keep this one short. So, let's trust that instinct and get right into the news!

Twitch News

  • Twitch emailed impacted creators and community members about the canceled sub situation.
  • A current experiment has Creators' subscriptions promoted during ads instead of Twitch Turbo promotion.
  • The Bits icon has been replaced by a Cheer icon.
  • Twitch's TikTok-style feed has been released on mobile devices. The number of clips you can view per session is limited.
  • The Travel & Outdoors category has been officially retitled as IRL.
  • Twitch is retiring the current Hype Train emotes and launching new "Category Collection" emotes.
  • Creator Camp hosted a panel on moderating.
  • Twitch is reaching out to creators regarding Pride Month. Similar to other promotions this year, they will launch a front-page shelf that will persist throughout the year.

Streaming Industry News

  • YouTube ad revenue was $8.1B for Q1 of 2024. Mindblowing.
  • Discord is adding a profile badge that can be claimed by completing a quest.
  • Fourthwall has launched Free Membership accounts! This new feature allows communities to join your membership program and get a taste of what they might get with a paid membership. It's a great way to market your memberships and build the business around your brand! Get started today (and get an immediate $15 sample credit!)*
  • Streamerbot is testing a new version with new integrations and support.
  • Blizzcon is not happening this year.
  • Mix It Up now supports mtion studio.
  • Reactive is getting an update.
  • The bill requiring ByteDance to divest of TikTok or face a ban in the USA has been passed by the Senate and signed by Joe Biden. It will now likely go to court and face other challenges. This is how TikTok responded.
  • Amazon may have a deal to broadcast the NBA for a decade, starting in 2025.
  • A streaming service called Beam launched this week.
  • Emarketer profiled WhatNot. The CEO described it as Twitch meets Ebay and shared how it is competing with TikTok on social shopping.

*I have a partnership with Fourthwall, so this is an ad! But they are the best tools for creators in the streaming space!

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