Twitch Canceled Subs, IRL Returns, and TikTok Live FYP Update

Good Monday! This is officially the 100th edition of the newsletter, and I couldn't be happier with how things have evolved from the first one to today. Many of you tell me how valuable this is at keeping you updated on the streaming space without worrying that you might miss a tweet or skip a stream. And really, this is just the start! There's lots to improve on content-wise, visually, and in terms of audience growth (heck, only about 10% of my streamer audience on Twitter is subscribed to the newsletter.) And the more people reading, the better the opportunities I may be able to negotiate as exclusives for readers!

All that said, thank you so much for subscribing, supporting, and reading this newsletter each week! And with that, let's get into the recap!

Twitch News

  • Twitch provided an update to the Canceled Sub situation from last week:
    • The cancelations impacted a few thousand users.
    • Twitch will pay streamers for impacted subs for one month.
    • Impacted users will be alerted in a variety of ways. Twitch is confident they will regain many of the canceled subs.
    • Twitch will reinstate lost sub streaks if impacted users renew their sub before May 6.
    • Twitch will not inform creators how many of their subscribers are impacted (as there is no scalable way to do it), but they estimate that for a streamer with 400 subscribers, the impact would be 1-2 lost subs.
  • Twitchcon Rotterdam's schedule is now available.
  • Travel and Outdoors is being renamed to IRL sometime this week.
  • The Discovery Feed on mobile is being expanded to all users. (Newsletter subscribers learned how to opt into this feature back in October!)
  • A new experiment will automatically set new Sub and Follower Goals.
  • Twitch no longer offers the Help Center or Support in Korean, Polish, Russian, or Turkish languages. The Mobile App and Help Center will no longer be available in Thai.
  • Ukrainian creators are again asking Twitch to support the Ukrainian language on-site and through the app. A UserVoice post now has nearly 20,000 votes.
  • Could Adin Ross be unbanned? Twitch's CEO is open to chatting with the controversial creator after xQc facilitated a Discord group between the three.
  • Clancy was also asked about unbanning Destiny but dodged the question.
  • Twitchcon Social and Ad Agency DEPT is nominated for a Shorty Award.
  • A study found that weight-based bullying of young people is most common on Twitter and Twitch.
  • Twitch will soon open Guild Leader applications for the Black, Latin, and Women's Unity Guilds.
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